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PermaStar® Chrome Coating
Products that are coated with PermaStar® have exceptional properties, such as:

  • A powder coated finish that is resistant to high temperatures, salt water corrosion, pitting, peeling or rusting.
  • A limited lifetime warranty against yellowing & delamination
  • One quarter the weight of traditional electroplated chrome
  • OEM approved & tested
  • Environmentally friendly process.
  • Easy maintenance with soap & water.
  • The first chrome alternative that truly looks like real chrome! Better actually!
  • Unlike traditional chroming, does not cause hydrogen embrittlement (weakening of alloy wheel)
  • Available in both regular & black chrome

We are very proud of our patented process and are confident PermaStar® chrome coating will meet your needs.

Only Goodrich Technology Corporation holds the patent for PermaStar®

To be sure you'll get the performance benefits available with PermaStar Coating, specify it by name at your local retailer.

Please contact us for more info.