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Goodrich Technology Corporation was founded in January 2001 and has dedicated it's time, research efforts and marketing resources to developing and refining it's unique PermaStar® chrome alternative process. Goodrich has gained necessary approvals for the process, building awareness of the process in the automotive and broader transportation industries. To achieve this, Goodrich has focused primarily on the OEM market and aftermarket for automotive wheels. This particular market segment represents a substantial percentage of the over $16 billion in US dollars spent globally each year on decorative chrome. It also imposes some of the most stringent environmental testing requirements in the industry.

Goodrich Technology has made great strides in marketing and testing the PermaStar® process and in gaining industry approval and consumer acceptance for products coated using the PermaStar® process. Acceptance in the automotive market has opened the door to other industries. Indeed, manufactures outside the automotive field have heard about the PermaStar® process and sought out Goodrich for access to the technology. The groundwork to commercially exploit the PermaStar® technology on a major scale has been laid, providing a distinct market advantage. The time to act on this technology is now!

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